Well, what's on then?

Stuff, I guess...


Watch blacksmiths in action

Roll up, roll up...come and see NSW blacksmiths Wil Maguire (Hunter Valley), John Wood (Wagga Wagga) and Woody Blower (Byron Bay) set Footscray alight. These guys represent some of Australia's finest and they have joined together to come down and show us whats possible when three talented blacksmiths get together for some creative forging. We're still not sure what they are going to make! Come on down and find out!

Don't miss seeing the dynamic duo of Simon Pankhurst and Peter Mattila brushing off their Tasmanian dust and smashing out a seating sculpture that (they hope) will attract the eye of a discerning buyer.  It will be interesting to see where these anarchic scrollers and twisters take their project!

A posse of South Australian blacksmiths are also scheduled to slide in and forge hot steel with a raft of local Victorian blacksmiths and course graduates from Waterside, Wandin and Bundoora.



Sometimes you meet somebody and you say to yourself, "I wouldn't mind catching up with you again".  Well that's exactly what happened as we roamed around a fair ground in Salt Lake City last year.  Shawn Lovell is one of the most talented fulltime female artist blacksmiths in the USA and somehow we convinced her that it would be a good idea for her to come out to our festival. Aside from helping her run a few workshops prior to the festival we are just looking forward to hanging out with her again and, hopefully getting creative with her over some hot fire.

Shawn has a degree in Graphic Design from Arizona State University and a degree in Sculpture from the California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland California. In 1997 she established her own metalworking studio specialising in one of a kind commissions. For more info check out Shawn’s website


metal moves, try it!

Forging with hot metal is an exhilarating experience. No matter what your skill level, the WBMAA is offering forging opportunities (12yrs old and up) at the festival. 

For those with no/little experience, we will provide short inductions and a supervised opportunity to forge some simple objects from mild steel.   For $25 per half hour you can forge until you can't hold a hammer anymore (or until the queue gets so deep that we have to let someone else in).  Of course there are a few rules to ensure everyone plays safe and you will have to wear the ultimate fashion accessory......a leather apron.    

If you cant bare the thought of missing out, you can pre-book below.



We have been talking about doing it for years now, and finally after a quick chat with our friends at SupaGas, this year we are proposing on taking our first fiery festivalic step into the Maribyrnong River. With the assistance of our special effects expert, Clint Dodd we are currently in discussions with Parks Victoria to allow us to launch a 20ft fireball from the depths of the Maribyrnong River.  

5.10pm sharp! Folllowing hot on the heals of Catherine Cumming undertaking her mayoral launch of the festival.  


hand forged metal art for sale

From the fiery furnaces that burn in the heart of Mont Delancey to the oft-raucous hot metal action that bursts forth every Tuesday night at Waterside, a whole bunch of us have been forging away for months to bring some unique, hand forged works to the festival. Some of the tiems that will be on display include:

  • Stainless steel pendants/brooches.
  • Fireside sets (pokers, tongs, brushes and wood holders).
  • Minature tools and jewelry for young persons.
  • Weird and wonderful hangers and stands.
  • Recycled and reformed rural metal art.
  • Knives and sharp things.


Live music by Snack Thoughts from 2:00-3.30pm on Saturday. Snack Thoughts are a band of three young musicians from Melbourne's inner west who can deliver some very fine tunes in a myriad of different styles from Jazz to West African music.   From 4:30-6pm festival goers will be treated to La Rumba.   La Rumba will bring to the festival their own unique and passionate take on the spontaneous Spanish rhythm that is rumba flamenca.  Having performed steadily on the Melbourne scene for the past 5 years, La Rumba have established themselves as true crowd favourites: from their infectious grooves right through to their stirring guitar-instrumentals, this is one act not to be missed!'  YouTube links:



On Sunday, festival goers will be presented with a special musical treat by Emma and Olivia O'Brien who have been enticed to deliver a classical and folk duet from 12:30pm.  

Food trucks and drinks (incl. some amazing Belgian classic beers) all day, every day (2 days)!


Boomtown wines come with festival shiraz for tastings - 2:00PM-4:00PM SAT 13TH

Wine tastings straight from Persephone's Nipple, by Boomtown Wine. We've joined with Boomtown to bottle our very own festival 2016 shiraz (the aforementioned Persephone's Nipple), come have a taste and meet Tim!

Boomtown was born in July 2014 when Tim Sproal and Pat Underwood were dreaming about a place to make their own wine locally. Whilst not achievable as individuals, the idea of taking a shared lease, with shared equipment and three winemakers made the most sense. A place of experimentation, learning and really good times. Sourcing grapes from great local vineyards and making wines with sense of honesty that told stories about our home. The Boomtown wines are worked on as a collective, whilst the individual winemakers guide their own wines to bottle; Tim makes Minim Wine and Pat makes Little Reddie. We want Boomtown to be an inclusive place, open to our local wine community - a place where a young winemaker can come and make a proper start. Our cellar door is open on occasional Friday nights for reckless good times and weekend days for more serious wine business.