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Blacksmiths Festival

Headed up by the Waterside Blacksmithing and Metal Art Association (WBMAA), the festival is supported at its core by the Maribyrnong City Council, Waterside Metal Art Studio and a swash of volunteers, sponsors and experts in the field. The primary objective of the festival is to encourage fellowship and creativity within the Australian and International blacksmithing and metal artist community.

Our focus is aimed at bringing not just pot-bellied dudes with beards (although that tends to happen) but all of the community together to enjoy the process and products that result from the practice of artistic blacksmithing. During the festival there are opportunities for the public to experience the magic that comes from forging red hot metal!


Blacksmithing, romanticism and fire

Mastering the traditional process of forging hot steel requires one not only manage a fire but also to carefully watch the colour of the steel until it reaches a forging temperature. It is then that one must strike, seizing that moment when steel yields its strength and moves to a plastic state where it can be transformed in limitless ways.   For many, this process is mesmerizing, romantic and touches on a primal chord that is difficult to find in our modern day world.  


2019 Festival



The 2017 Blacksmiths Festival was a great success. For a bigger write up, check out our blog post.

Our next festival is in 2019, stay up to date wth our Instagram below, or follow us on Facebook.

Waterside Metal Art also has blacksmithing courses, equipment and a space for all things metal art. Checkout their website and Facebook.

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A big thank you to all our sponsors, volunteers and all those who showed their faces and made everything worth while. A specific thank you to Waterside and BigFish and the Maribyrnong City Council.