Boomtown Wines come with our very own Persephone's Nipple 2016 Shiraz for tastings!

Wine tastings straight from Persephone's Nipple, by Boomtown Wine. We've joined with Boomtown to bottle our very own festival 2016 shiraz (the aforementioned Persephone's Nipple), come have a taste, meet Tim!

Also available for tastings and by the bottle will be Boomtowns Nero D'Avola, Shiraz/Pino Gris 2016.

Boomtown was born in July 2014 when Tim Sproal and Pat Underwood were dreaming about a place to make their own wine locally. Whilst not achievable as individuals, the idea of taking a shared lease, with shared equipment and three winemakers made the most sense. A place of experimentation, learning and really good times. Sourcing grapes from great local vineyards and making wines with sense of honesty that told stories about our home. The Boomtown wines are worked on as a collective, whilst the individual winemakers guide their own wines to bottle; Tim makes Minim Wine and Pat makes Little Reddie. We want Boomtown to be an inclusive place, open to our local wine community - a place where a young winemaker can come and make a proper start. Our cellar door is open on occasional Friday nights for reckless good times and weekend days for more serious wine business. 

Minim Wine:
Started in 2011 in a mates garage with a tonne of Heathcote Shiraz, an old milk vat and a few buckets, the goal has always been to make small wines; honest and compelling, from great Central Victorian sites. MINIM is handmade and bottled by Tim Sproal. Tim sources handpicked grapes from dedicated local growers, making wines gently using wild yeast ferments and a commitment to low intervention winemaking.

Nick McElligott