Snack thoughts coming

Wohaaa, we are pleased to announce the mighty Snack Thoughts are coming to the festival. No, this is not your stomach triggered desires manifesting themselves to the pre-lunchtime sound of hammer on anvil. No, we are talking a group of three very talented young musicians from Melbourne's inner west who can deliver some very fine tunes in a myriad of different styles from Jazz to West African music.  Snack Thoughts will be playing a few sets at the festival on Saturday from around 2pm and if we are lucky also on Sunday. Come on down and catch them on stage and who knows, they may even inspire you to grab a snack and bev :)


The Snack thoughts are:

Moses Carr on Keyboard and Piano Accordion. Moses has a background of traditional Eastern-European folk music on the piano accordion. His style now encompasses an eclectic mix of jazz, hiphop, african and fusion music primarily with a fond love of rhythm and locking into the groove.

-Robbie Belchamber on Elec. Guitar - Robbie has spent a long time working and evolving on his craft as a song-writer and performer on guitar.  With a strong foundation in jazz, Robbie effortlessly delves into any atmosphere or context where he can provide unique timbre and harmonic ideas.

-Lucky Pereira on Drums - Lucky has been playing percussion all his life with roots in traditional African, Sri Lankan and Latin music.  Through this he provides the core of the ensemble with dense grooves and heavy rhythmic ideas on the drumkit.

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