Two Birds swoop in with beer in wing!

It's said that storks deliver babies - no one bird can give you more joy than that.

But Two Birds can. 

(with beer)
(official sponsor)
(why settle for one?)

Hatched by Jayne and Danielle a short 6 years ago, they landed in the craft scene and the public flocked to them - they have been dominating the Aussie craft industry since.

Today we are eggstatic to announce that they have come on board as our beer sponsors! We can't wait to join forces with such a local, community driven brewery. If you can't wait for the 13th you can drop in to the nest - check them out.

During the festival there will be Golden Ale beakers (schooners) for $8. And as to not put all our eggs in one basket, we are also offering the beautiful Two Birds Sunset, also $8. The beer will be served out of a custom made pirate ship bar. Yep.

So don't be a silly goose and just parrot what everyone else is saying about Two Birds, come down to the festival to try them out, it's bound to be a hoot! Follow the event on Facebook, you could even give us a tweet!

(approx pun count: 9)

Nick McElligott